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Best Smoothie Pictures from Instagram

Some of our favorite smoothie pictures from instagram, some even include recipes also!

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Nothing is better than a freshly made green bean coffee smoothie, in the morning or any time of the day!

And here is our favorite YouTuber – The Domestic Geek making one of Beth’s favorite smoothies.


Two of the Best Weight Loss Supplements for 2018

There are several weight loss supplements that you can use in decreasing your weight. One of these is Leptorexin. The company that manufactures this weight loss supplement focuses their ingredients into six various health profiles. These are Superfood, Fat Burning, Key Vitamins, Euphoric, Lean Muscle, and Cellular Detox. This weight loss supplement helps to balance out the metabolism’s normal functions. This product is a little bit expensive, but you can be satisfied of the results that you will get from this weight loss supplement.

Leptorexin has a high success rate and a high user-based rating. Another weight loss supplement that you can utilize in reducing weight is PhentermineQ. This weight loss supplement is a proven chemical fat blocker that essentially pushes lipids and fats straight through before your body has a chance to absorb them. Alli is one of the weight loss supplements that are approved by FDA. Using Alli in reducing weight is an excellent idea.

5 Simple Lifestyle Changes for Weight Loss

Starting a weight loss plan is not something you can drastically do. You can’t immediately shift to a strict diet or intense exercise routine because it will not be realistic, unsafe, and will be hard to maintain. Even dieticians and other health experts do not recommend a crash diet and vigorous workout for beginners because they are dangerous.

In order to lose weight without taking extreme measures, you need a weight loss plan that will not be too difficult for you to do and will not put too much stress on your physical and mental health. What you need are some simple lifestyle adjustments that are more sustainable and can produce real results- small changes that would be easy for you to follow and work to lose 10 pounds.

Weight loss can be achieved with only these 5 simple lifestyle changes:

Keep to a regular sleep schedule. Based on a study done by Brigham Young University researchers, maintaining a regular sleep schedule can reduce body fat. It will also refresh you and have more energy to perform your daily activities.

Walk for at least 10 minutes a day. Parking as far as possible from your office building will allow you to exercise your leg muscles by walking. Weekend physical activities like washing the car and chasing the kids or the dog around the yard can invigorate your muscles and lets you burn more calories.

Get rid of all the unhealthy foods in your pantry. The smartest and easiest way to lose weight is to stock up only healthy foods in the house so you will eat healthier and lose the excess weight.

Lighten your favorite foods. There’s no need to ditch your favorite foods in order to lose weight. You just switch to the lower calorie versions such as low-fat ice cream, reduced-fat cheese, whole wheat flour, and low-calorie beverages.

Practice food portion control. Watch what you eat to lose weight. It is one of the best ways for real weight loss. Shaving off hundreds of calorie-intake by opting for smaller portions will help you lose weight without cutting out some food groups from your diet. There will be no dieting and food deprivation thus, you will be able to commit to it for a long time.

There are many ways to losing weight, not just low calorie diet and intense exercise routine. Simple lifestyle changes could help you lose the pounds without spending much and without risking your health and life.

Buying OTC Diet Pills In Australia

Phen375 is a natural fat burner and an appetite suppressant that has become a household name in Australia. Adults mostly develop a tendency to gain weight due to a decrease in the rate of metabolism in the body. Phen375 activates the rate and makes it easier for the body to melt down the extra fat .

One can buy phen375 in Australia with no prescription as it is easily available at all the counters. It can also be ordered on line. The product can be obtained in just few days and that too at the cheapest rates. It is an affordable natural ingredient without any side effects.

Why buy phen375? It is simple to answer. If you wish to lose your extra pound that make you feel embarrassed or if you suffer from a number of problems indirectly related to unwanted weight gain, then the best option for you is to buy this natural product. It helps you to lose as many as 5 pounds in a week. The whole process can be summarized in two steps. One, it helps the body to burn the extra fat stored in the body. Two, it suppresses the appetite which in turn stops the intake of extra calories that are not needed by the body.

Buying phen375 is not only easy but helps you save your money too. If you place your order in bulk you get a discount. Some companies also help you with the diet and exercise plans which help you to get significant results in a limited time.

You can also check for the key ingredients present in the products. You can be assured of the safe effects of the products. You can further check the reviews of the users to convince yourself. Do not delay. Buy and try it today itself.

Discover Your Phlebotomy Training Options

Becoming a certified phlebotomy technician through phlebotomy training is one way to benefit from the current social trend. With the aging of population (namely Baby Boomers) in the United States and in most developed nations, the demand for medical care has steadily grown. The shortage of nurses and medical technicians, let alone doctors, has led to the increase of medical expenses for patients, a hotly debated issue in the past decade. In another sense however, a high medical demand equates to more lucrative job opportunities within the industry. There are other means to participate in the medical industry without opting for the path of becoming a doctor or a nurse.

Benefits of Phlebotomy Training

Phlebotomy is a medical term that describes the technique or study of collecting blood for sampling and testing. For an exact diagnosis and various examinations, drawing blood from a patient is an essential task in a medical clinic or hospital.  As such, phlebotomists are constantly in high demand at hospitals, research institutes, and even pharmaceutical laboratories. With the successful completion of phlebotomy training, certified technicians will have the necessary skills to collect blood from patients with minimal pain. Methods and technologies of collecting blood from the vein have much advanced during the past few years, and comprehensive phlebotomy training is a must to become an effective technician.

Where Can I Receive Phlebotomy Training?

There are multiple ways to learn the required knowledge and skills of phlebotomy. The most conventional method is to seek out for training within an established academic institution, and obtaining (typically) an associate degree. For shorter training and learning periods, separate phlebotomy schools or phlebotomy training courses are available in hospitals, medical facilities, and in community colleges. Such vocational courses allow students to become phlebotomists usually within one year.

With the advancement of Internet and web connection speed, students can also find various online training for phlebotomy. Online courses typically provide all materials and examples through visual-audio media, and students have the advantage of watching and listening to classes at any time for multiple times.  It is important to find reliable phlebotomy training online that follows the guidelines of, and is approved by established phlebotomy associations. However, the completion of training does not equate to becoming a certified phlebotomist.  Thus, a good training program will result in a high ratio of students who pass the phlebotomy certification examination given by the American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians (ASPT).

What Do I Learn in Phlebotomy Training Courses?

A high quality training course will have a comprehensive curriculum that not only covers the techniques of drawing blood, but also every related aspect to phlebotomy. For example, reputable training institutions will also teach basic human anatomy, how to ensure the safety of patients, knowledge of preserving the blood samples, and the tests that can be performed on the blood sample. A medical trained technician will also guide the students during a hands-on experience of using different equipments to effectively collect blood. In top quality phlebotomy training schools, students will already have had much experience in sampling blood, not just through vicarious learning from diagrams and videos.